Our Logo

The logo for RAUORA (a word given to the study team by Wena Harawira) was designed by David Jones, Creative Director of ‘David Jones Creative’ in Rotorua.  Eru George (Pou Herenga, Lakes District Health Board) suggested the trial’s tagline of "Nau te kakahu i whatu. He taniko taku", which means “You weave the cloak and I the border”.  In other words “with your skills and mine, we will achieve great things."  In designing the logo, David considered the fact that the trial is about rescuing people from the addiction of smoking, which led him to the idea of the two hands - representing the ‘rescuer’ and the ‘rescued’. The smoker reaches out to the helping hand and in doing this gets support in their quest to stop smoking. The symmetry of the hands gives an equality to both parties, and a togetherness that also incorporates balance and flow.